The Bell

Pause. Breathe. Exhale.

Let your truth ring.

Boundaries are Freedom

Almost every discussion about healthy relationships includes the concept of boundaries. Setting them is essential, keeping them is imperative, and understanding them is part of understanding ourselves. But what are “boundaries” exactly? We use the word often, but each of us might relate to it somewhat differently. For me, boundaries are an extension of personal principles expressed […]

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Finding Maya Angelou’s “subtle balance of holding on and letting go”

When is the right time to seek help for a loved one? How do we know when we need it ourselves? Buddhist teachings tell us: “When the student is willing, the master appears” – powerful, simple, and true.  Likewise, we’ve grown accustomed to messages such as “You have to want it”, “You can’t help someone […]

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The Power of Curiosity

Did you know April is Alcohol Awareness Month? While every month (and moment) is an opportunity for awareness, I’m inspired by Alcohol Awareness Month and wanted to share my thoughts. The judgment and intolerance our society traditionally shows to people struggling with substance use disorder melt away when we encounter someone abstaining as part of […]

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The SBC Way

A friend asked me the other day, “what sets SBC apart? In the world of transformational healing and recovery—where there are so many options, programs, and systems —what is the specific miracle of SBC?” I answered, “the miracle is in the client. SBC is just the wand,” …but as I consider her question more deeply, […]

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