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Concierge Living • Your Safe Space

NEW YORK, NY 2021: SBC Townhouse is a bespoke action-oriented residence that is a safe space for those seeking to better themselves. We specialize in tailoring programs to clients’ specific needs. SBC Townhouse creates and facilitates a curated program for each client, based on individual needs, circumstances, and goals.

A client’s program encompasses clinical referral and coordination with care providers, this may include a recovery advisor or consultant. This framework of professional and personal support becomes the SBC client’s LifeTeam, led by a carefully selected Case Manager.

SBC Case Manager’s coordinate each aspect of a client’s LifeTeam, ensuring communication flow among team members and guiding the process toward fulfillment of each SBC client’s goals.

SBC designs a specific exit program for each client’s successful transition and reintegration into their home. With a worldwide network, we can facilitate transportation as well as continued care anywhere in the globe.

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Words from our Founder

The story of the Townhouse is about the power of healing and recovery.

Full of light, grace, and classical lines, The Townhouse exudes a feeling of peace.  It holds a special energy.  I’ve always asked that my guests remove their shoes when entering The Townhouse. We  literally leave New York City outside. 

Warm and welcoming,  The Townhouse is a space free from judgement.  Glowing with candles, it’s an environment where the smallest detail matters, because everyone who comes into the Townhouse matters. When attention has been paid to every detail,  people in that space feel seen and heard. Most importantly, they can breathe and exhale. 

The Townhouse reflects our clients’ validity back to them.

People heal and grow at The Townhouse, gathering together to learn from shared experience.  For years providers have recommended that The Townhouse pivot to a residential space,  a safe harbor where clients in need of 24/7 Concierge Care can journey into recovery and beyond.  We listened.

Aaron Gershenson and Asher Wilson are SBC Alumni (former clients enjoying sustained, long term recovery) who have evolved into respected recovery leaders in their own right.  As a testament to the profound changes ignited in them as clients working with SBC LifeTeams,  Aaron and Asher sought to open a residential living and healing space in NYC.   It was an honor to discover their dream was to do so at The Townhouse itself —harnessing its energy and essence to help others grow, heal, and expand.  In 2020, SBC partnered with Aaron and Asher to open SBC The Townhouse – a temporary living space where clients are able to transcend into their truth each moment of the day.

While many clients and members of the SBC Community experience The Townhouse as a respite from the busy city outside — a place to gather for meetings, discussion groups and fellowship — for others it’s the ultimate expression of  how SBC LifeTeams create space and opportunity for their clients to heal.

The SBC philosophy of 24/7 Concierge Care involves providing a space free from judgement,  where a client can truly be seen and heard. The day unfolds in myriad opportunities to connect, learn, stretch and surprise ourselves. 24/7 Concierge Care dissolves false identities and manufactured expectations, allowing a client to finally take their mask off.  

SBC The Townhouse provides a physical environment where clients benefit from a thoughtfully designed residential space and bespoke treatment plan throughout their daily exploration of recovery and healing.  

Regardless of how often and in what way SBC clients come to know The Townhouse,  it supports and sustains us all. Walking into The Townhouse feels like coming home.

–  Natasha