GRACE: In order to work collaboratively with clients, we must have a non-judgmental and compassionate lens by which to see their experience. We offer our support in goodwill and acceptance of all circumstances. Clients need to know that they are accepted by us, no matter their race, religion, nation of origin, sexual orientation, family dynamics, disorders or anything that they fear would be judged. Our work takes place in a safe emotional space.

RESILIENCE: Coaching requires the ability to provide a resilient and non-combative presence. The capability to recover from challenging situations, or conversations with clients or their families. The moving through and capacity to adapt quickly with focused intentions on the support goals.

OBSERVATION: We reflect our observations and maintain an unobstructed viewpoint of client behaviors and patterns. This allows for a transparent and real-time assessment of functioning. These observations permit us the opportunity to make adjustments as needed and ensure accountability for client daily functioning.

WISDOM: No matter our own personal journey, there is no replacement for the critical element of experience and expertise in coaching. We rely heavily on this experience to provide the framework and confidence in our capabilities. Clients need to know that the support coaches speak from an educated and informed space. The capacity to demonstrate competence promotes increased opportunities for trust and connection.

TRUTH: All coaching operates on a necessity for truth and transparency. The work requires such, despite the difficulty in owning that truth at times. We establish opportunities for truths to be discussed, discovered and gently opened up if clients have felt deeply mistrusting in the past.

HONOR: The integrity of SilverBell Coaching is the centerpiece of operations and our support services. We provide the highest standard of care and excellence. We ensure that this integrity is accountable and followed through in all of our actions and communication.