“First, I am so grateful that we connected and that we’ve been able to work with “A”, “B” and the rest of our SBC LifeTeam.

Second, “A” and “B” have been gifts from God to me, my wife, “C”, and our younger daughter (who is 14). Last night, we were all in our kitchen telling stories, laughing, and looking at photos…and I was deeply moved and grateful. Given all of the pain we’ve been dealing with, the nightmare of “C’s” ED and addiction, and how hard things have been for all of us…to feel that sense of joy, laughter, and love is remarkable. And, the way “A” has become like a part of our family is so beautiful.

Third, when we connected on Zoom that first time, within like 5 minutes you mentioned the Wave. And while it sounded amazing, the thought of sending our girl to Malaysia seemed completely insane to me – like sending her to Mars or something. We did connect with them by email about 6 months ago and had the Wave on our radar, but it still seemed crazy to even consider it. The way things came together for us to get “C” there over the weekend was truly unbelievable to me…like divine intervention in the truest sense. And none of it could have happened without “A” and “B”. Without “B’s” extraordinary coaching and guidance and without “A’s” magic and intuition (and the fact that she loves “C” and “C” loves her, and trusts her), it never would have happened. Although I’m still in shock and working through my own fears and anxieties about our girl being gone for so long and being so far away from us, deep in my heart and soul, I have a sense that her being at the Wave is not only going to give her a real chance to recover and heal, I think it is going to transform her life and our family in a profound way.

Finally, I want to thank you for what you do and how you do it! It felt like a huge risk for us to work with you and your team given the expense. We make pretty good money, but we’re not uber wealthy. Spending this kind of money, even on the most important thing possible (the health and wellbeing of our children) was and is super scary, especially for me. Even with the fear, vulnerability, and the enormity of it all, I am feeling so grateful that we have the ability to do it and that doing so allowed us to grow, change, and evolve…and, more important, it allowed us and our amazing girl to get some of the support we truly needed.

We are not anywhere close to out of the woods yet, of course. “C” has a lot of work and healing to do, as do we. I have no idea how things will continue to unfold and evolve, but I do feel grateful and excited that “C” is in the care of SBC and the Wave, even as mind-blowing as it is to have our 16 year old 8,500 miles away in a place we’ve never been or seen.

We feel so fortunate to have “A” and “B” on our team and in our corner…and you as well.”

– Thankful Parents

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