Mary Gilmer

Recovery Specialist, Dubai

A Recovery, Dependency and Mental Health Coach & Companion, Certified Chef and Certified Nutrition Chef based in Los Angeles and Dubai, Mary Gilmer’s easy-going nature and ability to empathize deeply with her clients arise naturally out of her thirty one years of sobriety. In addition to running SilverBell Global workshops on female empowerment in Dubai, Mary has helped countless women achieve and maintain physical and emotional recovery from chemical dependency, eating disorders, and love addiction. 

Dedicated to guiding her clients through the healing process with a firm yet gentle touch, Mary focuses on treating the whole person, not just the disease or symptoms of the disease. Mary is especially skilled at working with family units, bringing her own experience as a mother to help guide and support her clients and their families. Mary’s thirty years of experience inform her work with women in various stages of recovery. Her specialized training in Trauma-Informed Coaching with Lou Lebentz and Polyvagal Theory for Coaching with Deb Dana afford Mary endless tools with which to empower her clients to grow through challenges along the way. 

A trained chef with thirty-five years of experience, Mary brings specialized nutritional skills to her work with her clients, many of whom present with dual diagnoses, often including eating disorders. She has helped clients follow medically programmed food guidelines, refeeding plans, gluten-free and celiac food plans, and provides support and education with vegan and vegetarian food plans. Mary’s unique joy in her work instills in her clients a deep sense of comfort and the belief that they can and will recover.

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