“A recovery coach is a non-clinical person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the recovering person to the recovery community and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery.” —William White, 2002

What is Recovery Coaching?

  • Empowering you to ask for help and know that it is okay.
  • Allowing you to realize the most important thing in life is to care for yourself.
  • Providing a safe environment for you to admit you have a problem with a substance.
  • Guiding and channeling you to take appropriate action to set safe and healthy boundaries.
  • Bringing clarity to you so you are in tune with your inner voice.
  • Empowering you to learn how to “stay out of your own way”.
  • Encouraging you through these principles awareness, perspective, action, acceptance and gratitude.

How will Recovery Coaching help me?

  • Recovery coaching meets you where you are and helps bring the changes you desire.
  • Creating energy, passion and motivating you to improve the relationships in your life.
  • Realizing that you can become the woman, spouse, partner, mother and friend you always wanted to be.
  • Understanding and owning your actions and role in relationships.
  • Providing the essential and daily support you need.
  • Reminding you that the present moment is where the sense of peace and calm lives.
  • Celebrating your achievements and creating hope.

Natasha’s Recovery Story: Natasha’s journey began in the Midwest, where she struggled with undiagnosed learning disabilities as a small town farm girl. The pain of not feeling “good enough” played on her self esteem in school, although she kept this struggle silent for years.
Later, in her teenage years, she experimented with drugs, and the craving for mind-altering substances set in. Her addiction led her into the fast-paced lifestyle of a New York model, and then manifested into full-blown alcoholism.  Natasha wanted to stop the madness of drinking and using, but couldn’t. This is when she realized she had a problem.  It took years for her to come to terms with the fact she couldn’t do it alone.

After stopping and starting again, and testing different ways of “trying” to drink safely, she surrendered in early 2003—for her son, not herself.  Almost 4 years of sobriety went by and Natasha gave birth to two more healthy children.  Then the desire to drink and use grew strong again. The illusion that “I’ve got this” came back into her mind, and she thought she could control it safely again. Six months later, on Aug. 5, 2008, she completely surrendered—which, by her definition, means she “moved to the winning side.” Now she has lasting sobriety and can be of service to others, because it is for herself. Natasha is now the mother, friend and woman she has always longed to be. To quote Natasha, “I am not ashamed,” she says. “I survived.”

During Recovery Coaching, Natasha will assist you to eliminate the mind altering substances in your life. She will empower you to take ownership for your part in relationships through her five principles:

  • Enhancing your awareness
  • Cultivating a clear perspective
  • Encouraging you to take action
  • Embracing the art of acceptance
  • Teaching you to live in gratitude

The process works when you are ready and willing. See how the process works >

Are you ready to move forward? Natasha is here for you and will respect your privacy as you begin this journey. Let’s get started >

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