What Is Sober Companionship?

  • Sober companions present an alternative to the rehab process.
  • Facilitates the client to get to appropriate programs, meetings, and doctor appointments
  • Offers a healthy perspective for the client to lean on in these difficult times
  • Provides an essential part of structure and support to a client who may have never had this support before or been ready to receive it.
  • Ensures the client’s needs to maintain their sobriety in a sober and safe environment

How Will Sober Companionship Be Helpful To Me?

  • Having a sober companion will teach you to take on sobriety and recovery in your own world. There will be no transitions from rehab into your world, so you are learning how to live a sober life in your own home, in your workplace, in your extracurricular activities, and in your relationships.

They will empower you to take ownership for your part in relationships and lives through her five principles:

  • Enhancing your awareness
  • Cultivating a clear perspective
  • Encouraging you to take action
  • Embracing the art of acceptance
  • Teaching you to live in gratitude

The process works when you are ready and willing. See how the process works >

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