What is the definition of relationships?

  • Relationships are defined by the personal interaction with those around you such as a spouse, partner, family member, co-workers and peers.

What is Relationships coaching?

  • Relationships coaching is about your reactions to those around you.
  • Bringing clarity to you so they are in tune with your inner voice.
  • Supporting you to reflect on yourself and set goals for relationships.
  • Guiding you to find your authentic self in your relationships.
  • Channeling you to set healthy, safe and appropriate boundaries.
  • Empowering you to have fulfilling relationships.
  • Encouraging you through these principles awareness, perspective, action, acceptance and gratitude.

How will Relationships coaching help me?

  • Relationship coaching is an investment in you and others.
  • Creating energy, passion and motivating you to improve the relationships in your life.
  • Successfully navigating the challenges that arise in your relationships.
  • Understanding and owning your role in relationships.
  • Bringing about a sense of peace and calm.
  • Enhancing time management in your relationships.
  • Learning to take a step back and be aware of other people’s positions in life brings you a perspective to grow.

As a Relationship Coach, Natasha will help you to learn to create healthy and safe boundaries. Owning your part or role is how honest growth occurs once you have developed a clear perspective. This brings about the results you desire for your relationships. She will empower you to take ownership for your part in relationships through her five principles:

  • Enhancing your awareness
  • Cultivating a clear perspective
  • Encouraging you to take action
  • Embracing the art of acceptance
  • Teaching you to live in gratitude

The process works when you are ready and willing. See how the process works >

Are you ready to move forward? Natasha is here for you and will respect your privacy as you begin this journey. Let’s get started >

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