What is Divorce Coaching?

  • Guiding you toward resources, options and professionals that best suit your needs.
  • Encouraging positive solutions.
  • Creating a safe space for you to explore what you truly want and need.
  • Supporting you to face your fears, push through obstacles and set realistic goals.
  • Channeling you in the appropriate direction.
  • Reminding you there are two things in life that we control: what we say and what we do.
  • Encouraging you through the principles awareness, perspective, action, acceptance and gratitude.

How will Divorce Coaching help me?

  • Supporting you in a safe environment to explore your options and face your fears.
  • Providing you with an experienced and objective view of divorce.
  • Building on your strengths to help carry you through the divorce process.
  • Guiding you toward resources and professionals that you will need.
  • Learning to take a step back and have a realistic view about how your actions affect the divorce process.
  • Successfully navigating the challenges that arise.
  • Bringing you a sense of peace and understanding during the divorce process.

Natasha was able to navigate a legal divorce within 9 months in Manhattan which brings a unique approach to those she coaches. She has the resources to direct you in finding an attorney, professional counseling, a child psychologist or budgeting assistance. She will maintain your focus on the two most important things: What you say and what you do. She will empower you to take ownership for your part in relationships and lives through her five principles:

  • Enhancing your awareness
  • Cultivating a clear perspective
  • Encouraging you to take action
  • Embracing the art of acceptance
  • Teaching you to live in gratitude

The process works when you are ready and willing. See how the process works >

Are you ready to move forward? Natasha is here for you and will respect your privacy as you begin this journey. Let’s get started >

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