“For perfect hope is achieved on the brink of despair, when instead of falling over the edge, we find ourselves walking on air.”

SBC Signature Leadership

The SBC Signature Leadership team works together to curate each client’s SBC Global LifeTeam. Guided by owner and founder Natasha Silver Bell, the LifeTeam is comprised of professional coaches, companions, case managers, nutritional therapists, wellness practitioners, and executive function experts working in partnership with our clinical resource bank of behavioral health, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and diagnostic clinicians.

Our rigorous vetting process and onboarding protocol for SBC LifeTeam partners and collaborators is of the utmost importance to the success of SBC methodology. To be in full and complete service to the SBC client, the SBC LifeTeam follows the SBC Principles of GROWTH: Grace, Resilience, Observation, Wisdom, Truth, and Honor.


GRACE: Our work takes place in a safe emotional space. Transformative collaboration with clients arises from the non-judgmental and compassionate lens through which we view their experience. Clients of every race, religion, nation of origin, sexual orientation, self-identification, family dynamic and experience of disordered behavior are welcomed and accepted. Grace, good faith, and goodwill are the cornerstones of SBC support.

RESILIENCE: Coaches provide a resilient and non-combative presence. SBC Coaches navigate skillfully through and recover quickly from challenging situations with clients or their families. We adapt quickly, maintaining focus on clients’ goals and intentions. Our training and technique supports and guides us toward client-forward service at all times.

OBSERVATION: SBC Coaches maintain an unobstructed view of client behaviors and patterns, free of ego and insertion of self and bolstered by professional/ethical boundaries. The transparent, real-time assessment of efficacy allows for the opportunity to pivot and adjust as needed, ensuring SBC coaches’ commitment to and accountability for the daily functioning and flourishing of our clients.

WISDOM: No matter our own personal journey, there is no replacement for the critical element of professional experience and expertise in coaching. Indeed, SBC Coaches’ professional experience, expertise and training provide the essential framework of our collaboration with clients, and are the primary source of SBC clients’ confidence in our capabilities. Clients thrive when coaches speak from an educated and informed space.

TRUTH: Effective, transformative coaching necessitates truth and transparency. Ever-aware that clients may have felt deeply mistrusting in the past, SBC coaches gently establish opportunities to create client relationships built on trust and openness. This critical bond encourages and allows SBC clients to discover, discuss, and deepen understanding of their own truth and how it might be harnessed in service of their journey toward health and healing.

HONOR: Integrity is the centerpiece of SBC operations and support services. In order to ensure the highest standard of care and excellence, SBC coaches remain accountable in our actions and communication at all times and with no exceptions.

SBC Signature Leadership

Natasha SilverBell
Founder | CEO
Miranda Marsh
Global Vice President
Co-Founder, SBC Townhouse
Mia Darrow
Director of
Program Development
Maks Ezrin
Co-Founder, YPM
The client is at the center of every SBC LifeTeam.
The SBC LifeTeam weaves dynamically through all aspects of the clinically recommended treatment plan.
        The family is invited to join
        the sphere of healing in
        support of the client's