Specific and measurable action plans
Fully customized team and support incorporating all approaches into the healing process
Accountability and check-ins at every step of the way
Focus on holistic wellness – mind, body and spirit

The SBC Process

Evidence-based recovery coaching

Natasha personally oversees all of her cases. She knows that every client and their family is unique. She thoughtfully walks her clients through pre-care planning, carefully evaluating each situation to determine how best to guide them toward lasting recovery.

Extended case management

Natasha works with highly regarded and nationally recognized interventionists. She offers step-by-step assistance in selecting the right clinical professionals and, if needed, the appropriate detox facility. She then creates customized aftercare programs to help clients achieve and maintain recovery. This includes collaboration with leading psychologists, psychiatrists and specialists in the field on a case-by-case basis.

Recovery coaches/companions

To aid in sustaining long-term recovery we offer flexible levels of support for relapse prevention. Such support ranges from 24-hour in-home recovery companionship to coaching on an hourly basis for appointments and meetings. All adjustments are customized to the needs of the client.

Personal support companions

To aid in long-term life success we offer flexible levels of support ranging from 24-hour in-home care as well as support for outings. All adjustments are customized to the needs of the client.

Recommendations for alternative healing practitioners

We work with a diverse and gifted team of trusted healing practitioners to suit the individual needs and interests of our clients.

Ongoing support for lifestyle and behavioral change

We introduce exercise programs, financial planning, nutrition, general health and wellness, community building, and work with all forms of recovery. This includes 12-step programs and various other approaches all in support of both initial and sustained recovery.

What do I need to know to get started?


A typical session is 45 minutes to one hour Individual sessions may be held in a confidential location on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, via phone, Zoom, or just a walk in the park* The cost of each session is by the hour, please contact us for rates you have The willingness and readiness to begin

* Natasha has a profound respect for the safety and privacy of each client, understanding that it is of the utmost importance. During the current Covid 19 pandemic, all of our services are available virtually if suitable to the situation.