Natasha Silverbell developed SBC LifeTeams, SilverBell Coaching’s unique methodology of healing, based on more than a decade of experience working in the field. Informed by Natasha’s own story of recovery. SBC’s philosophy of care centers around creative partnership between medical clinicians and SBC Coaches. Since its inception in 2012 SBC has embodied this distinctive approach, motivating clients through each stage of their process and guiding them into a life of sustained, long-term recovery. Natasha curates highly effective SBC LifeTeams consisting of trained Coaches and support companions serving a global community of clients.

Meeting clients and family with unconditional understanding, and hope, Natasha’s singular magic creates willingness.” -SBC client

SBC’s mission expresses Natasha’s commitment to bring the transformative joy of healing to others. Natasha’s journey from a small town in Michigan, USA to CEO of Silverbell Coaching began as a cowgirl on her grandmother’s ranch in Montana. From competitive horse-back riding, swimming and beauty pageant crowns to bottoming out on the fast-life as a model in NYC, Natasha is grateful to have found her truth — leading her to lasting recovery. An active philanthropist, yoga and meditation practitioner and animal lover and advocate, Natasha is a devoted mother of three teenagers and resides in New York City.

Natasha recognizes a client’s struggles and victories may impact family members and loved ones along the way. SBC offers vital education and support for family members, creating opportunities to deepen involvement where appropriate. Inspiration, encouragement and acceptance bolstered by smart, loving boundaries foster transformation and lasting change.

“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.”– Maya Angelou

A fervent believer in passing along to others the opportunities she herself was given, Natasha has carved out a reputation as a mentor by empowering and championing those with whom she works. Under Natasha’s guidance, SBC coaches and Team members have made significant contributions to the recovery field.

Along with Dr. Rami Kaminski, Integrative Psychiatrist and Thad Turner, US Navy Seal. Natasha is a co-founder of Due North Quest, an intensive and fully customizable program designed to provide young men in search of direction with a highly-structured, eye-opening, and life-changing experience. Due North Quest aims to create a legion of future role models affecting change on a greater scale. At Due North Quest “the journey makes the man”.

With Maks Ezrin, Natasha co-founded Youth Prevention Mentors (YPM). YPM is dedicated to mitigating risk and increasing prevention of substance abuse among teenagers. To find out more please visit

Recently, Natasha took the monumental step of opening her family ranch in Montana to SBC clients who might benefit from its wide-open spaces, endless blue skies and rough, beautiful terrain. Homesteaded by her ancestors in 1862, The Pioneer Ranch in Livingston, Montana has been in Natasha’s family continuously ever since. Sharing the magic of The Pioneer Ranch honors both the spirit of Natasha’s fearless predecessors and the profound courage of SBC’s clients.

Natasha SilverBell, founder of SilverBell Coaching LLC, is a CARC recovery coach and recovery coach trainer through CCAR and OASAS. Natasha is a member of the International Coaching Federation