Middle East

We are bringing our services to the Middle East, where the cultural implications of alcohol and drug abuse pose significant challenges, to those in need of recovery and support tools.

Adam Santos-Coy

Global Director of Operations

Adam Santos-Coy is a coach and companion with over a decade of experience. Having grown up in Northern California, he graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Visual Arts.

He received interventionist training with Ken Seeley, Eric McLaughlin and Dr. Louise Stanger; Furthermore, he received his transformative coaching education from the Co-Active Training Institute and Landmark Worldwide, where he was a staff member and trainer; he has been an executive coach for senior leadership at the Bertelsmann Group and is CCAR certified, as well as a member of the ICF.

Additionally, he has trained in Krav Maga at the National Training Center in Los Angeles, and is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt from the Renzo Gracie Academy Headquarters in NYC.

Sober since September 24, 2009, Adam is passionate about learning, growing and showing up for others. “ For me, life is about creating as many opportunities as possible to have people see that they actively create their lives .”