SBC is committed to guiding our clients toward reclaiming their spirit. SBC creates and holds space for clients and their families to begin the healing and recovery process.

The first step is asking for help.

Please reach out for a complimentary consultation.

Healing and recovery are not one-size-fits-all.

SBC embodies and expresses this philosophy with each and every client. Drawn from the experience of numerous SBC coaches in service to our clients and gathered from hundreds of successful SBC case studies, The SBC Methodology and Philosophy has been refined over a decade of professional practice.

The SBC Approach:

  • Individualized, measurable action plans designed to hold space for the client at each step
  • Customised SBC LifeTeam support:
    • Coaches, Companions, Case Managers, Nutritional Therapists, Wellness Practitioners, and Executive Function experts working in partnership with our clinical resource bank of Behavioral Health, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists and Diagnostic Clinicians
  • Utilization of a wide variety of healing modalities
  • Accountability and check-ins with SBC LifeTeam Managers, Clinicians and Coaches for both client and family
  • Strong focus on integration of mind, body and spirit
  • Ability to offer in-home or residential treatment
  • Flexibility and Mobility: SBC Coaches/Companions can accompany clients wherever life, work, or family brings them. Healing can happen anywhere, at any time.

SBC offers clients a proven, tested methodology of healing.


Established organization with a unique in-house community fostering guided personal growth and healing among peers (The SBC Community)

Global reach: Anchors in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, London and Malaysia, with over 150 Coaches/Companions worldwide in partnership with a singular framework of clinical providers and LifeTeam Managers

Widely recognized standards of training, efficacy and accountability

Proprietary methodology yielding sustainable results for both client and family

Discreet, high-level management of high profile-clients/public figures

Uphold the highest levels of discretion, privacy and anonymity for all clients at all times


Everything begins and ends with the client. 


The client is at the center of every SBC LifeTeam.
The SBC LifeTeam weaves dynamically through all aspects of the clinically recommended treatment plan.
        The family is invited to join
        the sphere of healing in
        support of the client's