Miranda Marsh

Care Manager

Miranda Marsh is a 27-year-old life/recovery coach and sober companion based in London, UK. Having battled through her own journey of alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders Miranda was guided willingly to embrace the world of recovery. Throughout an intense year in which she spent time in rehab, received trauma treatment in EMDR, art therapy, Chinese Reiki and Quantum therapy, Miranda was able to rebuild her life. She is now in her seventh year of sobriety in various fields of addiction.

Sober Companionship is her true calling, giving her life real purpose. Through the Recovery Coaching Academy she shadowed numerous experts and seasoned coaches to become an educated asset to those beginning their own journey in recovery. Presently she is studying art psychotherapy at Goldsmith’s University.

In addition to her role as a life/recovery coach and sober companion, Miranda specializes in practicing drama, art and makeup with her clients. Such creative forms of expression help them to sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle and aid the recovery process. Miranda has worked with clients of all ages. She is adaptable in any environment, eager to pivot and customize to a client’s needs.