Lily Magill

Lead LifeTeam Manager, UK

As SBC’s Lead LifeTeam Manager and Recovery Specialist, Lily sees recovery as an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery and healing. Lily empowers SBC LifeTeams’ to apply psychoeducational disciplines, giving clients the skills and knowledge to flourish and thrive. Helping clients find their voice, power and authentic selves is an integral facet of SBC’s philosophy of care — and the keystone of Lily’s work with SBC as she empowers SBC LifeTeams to encourage clients’ exploration and acceptance of all parts of themselves with gratitude and grace.

When not working in partnership with her clients or SBC LifeTeams, Lily is creating opportunities to bring animal-assisted therapy to SBC clients and integrate nature and wildlife into SBC treatment plans when appropriate.

Lily’s background in the Social Sciences led her to embark on a degree in Criminology and Psychology through The Open University. Lily received her Coaching Certification through The Sober Academy and her Trauma-informed Coaching Certification through the International Recovery Specialists Institute. Lily has worked with and been mentored by leading specialists, clinicians and healers in the field of trauma and recovery.