SilverBell Global Services

A worldwide network with anchors in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, London, Dubai, Sweden and France, SilverBell Global is equipped to handle crises of any nature.

We curate private treatment plans specific to each client’s individual needs. Healing plans center around powerful collaboration between uniquely tailored SilverBell Global LifeTeams of clinicians and Coaches/Companions to produce sustainable trajectories of growth and healing.

SilverBell Global works with clients and families dealing with various mental health disorders, such as substance use disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, and other self-limiting and self-harming disorders and behaviors.

Mental Health and Recovery Coaching

Mental Health and Recovery Coaching addresses the gaps and limitations inherent in traditional clinical models by providing individualized peer-based support, daily accountability, and real-time crisis intervention to accelerate a client’s healing, progress, and personal growth.

Support Companions and 24/7 Companion Care

We offer Support Companions and 24/7 Companion Care for clients needing higher levels of support, including continuous, wrap-around care. Companion Coaches are trained, certified coaches able to seamlessly support clients for any length of time, from a few days to long-term appointments. Companion Coaching creates the space and opportunity for healing and growth within the familiar surrounding of clients’ daily lives.

Safe Transport

No matter where work, life, or family may lead our clients, SilverBell Global ensures their safe, secure journey. SilverBell Safe Transport is available 24/7 to provide seamless accompaniment and assistance to clients traveling anywhere in the world.


Should a family system feel their loved one’s chances for survival depend upon the loving impact of outside forces, an intervention may be in order. SilverBell Global knows families benefit when working towards collective healing; the SilverBell LifeTeam engages the inherent emotional intelligence within the family system to provide collateral support, effective behavioral management, and critical communication.

Executive Function Coaching

SilverBell Global Executive Function Coaches provide daily, one-on-one support to clients struggling with organization, time management, and personal/professional tasks to enhance productivity and achieve individual goals. Executive Function Coaches create a framework to collaborate, explore, and implement productive habits and behaviors, empowering clients with the tools to navigate future paths to fulfillment and success.

Accountability Coaching

With a more minimal structure yielding the same significant results as more immersive coaching models, Accountability Coaching is designed around daily or weekly touchpoints. SilverBell Global Accountability Coaches help clients stay accountable for their tasks and goals with sessions ranging from once a day to once a week to anything in-between, virtually or in person.

Autonomy Development / Independence Support

SilverBell Global works with adolescents and young adults experiencing self-limiting and self-sabotaging behavior by creating opportunities to build self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence. In creative partnership with each client, SilverBell Global Coaches, and LifeTeams endeavor to lessen fear, expectations, and societal/environmental/internal pressure while building practical, practicable tools to empower independence, purpose, and fulfillment.

“If there is no struggle, there can be no progress. ”

Frederick Douglass

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