About SilverBell Coaching

Recovery is not a destination, it is a process.

SilverBell Coaching offers a non-clinical and fully customizable approach to meet the individual needs of clients seeking recovery and the families that support them along the way.

Our Mission

To provide a safe space for clients to explore their truths with intense honesty. Motivating based on experience and training to enhance their awareness, perspective, action, acceptance and gratitude. Ultimately clients will develop their authentic self.

Our Vision

Growing clients to the fullest potential. Enabling them to live a passionate life, honoring themselves and those around them.

Natasha and SilverBell Coaching

Natasha’s vision with SilverBell Coaching is to create a unique approach to recovery by combining the best clinical team possible and non-clinical coaches or companions to help motivate clients to the next stage of their recovery. She uses sober or support companions to provide peer to peer coaching and works with different addiction and wellness professionals, as well as treatment facilities and sober houses to match the needs of clients with the help that will provide the greatest benefit.

Natasha Silver Bell

Natasha Silver Bell is a CARC recovery coach and recovery coach trainer through CCAR and OASAS. In addition, she has received training as a Life Coach through the Ben Dean, Ph.D Mentor Coach Program. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Natasha helps clients find and realize their authentic self through intense tenderness and laser sharp introspection. She uses her own life experiences when appropriate to help her clients move through their fears and achieve desired goals.

Natasha’s journey began in the Midwest, where she struggled with undiagnosed learning disabilities as a small town farm girl. The pain of not feeling “good enough” played on her self esteem in school, but this she kept silent. Even though she struggled, she became a star athlete and won the coveted local pageant, which led her to win Miss Michigan USA by the age of 19.

Being selected in the top 6 at Miss USA, launched her into the fast-paced life as a New York Ford Model. During this time she faced eating disorders and substance abuse while working with top designers. Natasha married at age 25 and had her first son at age 27. During her pregnancy, to protect her unborn child, she overcame her eating disorder and substance abuse. This initiated her road to recovery. Natasha delivered two more healthy children. Then the desire to drink and use grew strong again. The illusion that “I’ve got this” came back into her mind; she thought she could control it safely. Finally, in August of 2008, she completely surrendered—which, by her definition, means she “moved to the winning side.” Now she has lasting sobriety and can be of service to others, because it is for herself. “I am not ashamed,” she says. “I survived.”


Natasha Silver Bell currently resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  She is the mother to three amazing children; Benjamin, Samuel, and Sarah.  She is an active philanthropist, loves practicing yoga, and is a front row regular at her spin class.

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In addition to the transformative work she’s doing at SilverBell Coaching, Natasha is also co-founder at Due North Quest, an intensive and fully customizable program designed to provide young men in search of direction with a highly-structured, eye-opening and life-changing experience. The philosophy is that the journey makes the man and at its core, Due North Quest aims to create a legion of future role models who can affect change on a greater scale. Programs are offered at three intervals throughout the summer and include a two phase process with a domestic and international component. To find out more about how to apply for Due North Quest summer programs please visit duenorthquest.com.