Services & Coaching



SilverBell Coaching is an effective method supplementing the traditional or alternative treatment modalities, Natasha assesses each client and their families to create a bridge toward a healthy, realistic lifelong path. We pro- vide a customized integrative plan based on each unique case enhanced by a collaborative team approach which includes the following services:

Evidence Based Recovery Coaching: Every client and their family is unique and not everyone will need the same approach. We evaluate each client to determine what will work best to address current needs, moving toward a lasting recovery.

Extended case management: Natasha personally oversees all of her cases. She works with highly regarded and nationally recognized interventionists. She thoughtfully walks her clients and families through pre-care planning; she assists with intervention, helping select the right clinical professionals and possible detox facilities to fit the individual. She then creates customized aftercare programs to help clients achieve and maintain sobriety.

Collaboration with leading psychologists and psychiatrists and specialists in the field (on a case by case basis).

Sober Companions & Escorts: Flexible levels of support for relapse prevention and to aid in sustaining long term recovery ranging from 24 hour in-home care to sober escorts on an hourly basis for appointments and meetings. All adjustments are customized to the needs of the client.

Personal Support Companions: Flexible levels of support to aid in long term life success ranging from 24 hour in-home care to support for outings. All adjustments are customized to the needs of the client.

Access to alternative healing providers: We work with only the best to bring our clients trusted and diverse care to suit individual needs and interests.

Ongoing support for the development of replacement lifestyle and behaviors: We bring together exercise programs, financial planning, nutrition, general health and wellness, community building and work with all forms of recovery. This includes 12 step programs, spiritual-based approaches, and a wide array of alternative pathways for initial and sustained recovery.